About The Junk Yard
The Junk Yard was originally hosted by the SWG Hunters Guild back during live and was a great site used by all dedicated reverse engineers. Since the game has gone away with so has the original site. When I joined the Project SWG team I was given an old backup of The Junk Yard with the hopes of bringing it back for the use of the community, however, since they are nowhere near implementing REing I put it on the back burner and eventually left PSWG. Now that SWGReborn has release a server hosted with the full functions of reverse engineering I have started working on this project again in hopes to satisfy the needs of the community. I have recoded this website myself from the ground up only using the original as a template and have made a ton of changes to the database in order to bring a better experience than before to the users. The backup is of an older version of the site and because of that is missing some of the combinations that were previously found, however, with the dedicated community I feel this won’t be an issue for long!
Current Administrators